Tips to Starting a Clothing Business

Do you want to run your own business? If so, prepare your knowledge and abilities and sufficient capital to run your business later. If you’ve done all this, but still confused about choosing the right business, consider opening a wholesale clothing business? Why? This business can be run offline and online and the opportunity to gain profits every month is wide open because clothes are one of the primary needs in the current era.

Well, how? Determined to open a wholesale clothing business? If so, it’s good to answer the questions below so that you can run your business smoothly later:

Who are your target markets?

To answer this question, you should conduct a survey first to see market conditions and consumer demand in your city. If, most people who need clothes are women, it never hurts to make teenage and adult women your target market. By knowing who the target market is, you can easily find clothes that will be sold later.

What if the market demand is varied between children, men and women? That means your target market is from all walks of life. You can focus on just one target market while the rest is just a complement. For example, if your primary target market is women, that means your wholesale clothing store should provide more wholesale women’s clothing. While the wholesale of children’s and men’s clothes is just a little. However, if there are many men who want to buy clothes at your place, you can also provide a variety of wholesale men’s clothing.

What is the price per piece of clothing?

Wholesale clothes are usually sold cheap because buyers have a minimum purchase limit. In general, buyers must buy 2-3 wholesale clothes. The question is what price per piece of clothing should be offered? The price of clothes should be adjusted to the brand and quality of the clothes themselves.

If the brand is quite well known and the material is of good quality, the price per piece may be above 50 thousand rupiah. Conversely, if the material is thin, preferably per piece is sold at a price below 50 thousand rupiah. Remember for clothes of low quality, the price should not be overpriced because this will make prospective buyers not want to buy it.

Should you give a discount?

In general, wholesale clothes are not discounted anymore because the price is fixed (fixed price). That means the price of clothes is very cheap and the providers only get minimal profits. For that, if you have to give a discount, you should think twice because it means you will not get any benefits at all. If you really want to give a discount, look for wholesale clothes that are quite expensive so you can still get a profit.

In addition, you may also give a discount if the buyer is a retail clothing seller who wants to buy in large quantities. Usually the benefits obtained are not only from one shirt, but from all the clothes purchased. Make sure the discounts offered do not harm you or only allow you to return your capital. If you don’t realize this, you will find it difficult to run your business going forward.

Anyway, don’t forget to consider working with a wholesale center owner in your city or in another city so that you can get a wider market and greater profits.

Tips to Starting a Clothing Business

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