Synthetic Fleece Bedding

 Synthetic fleece is an incredibly comfortable fabric that is warm and cozy and synthetic fleece bedding offer extraordinary warmth and comfort, keeping you snug on a cool night.  High quality fleece is a great fabric that’s easy to care for and it stays beautiful through many washings

For Exceptional Warmth And Comfort

 This synthetic fabric is used in the undergarments worn by high altitude mountain climbers and people who work outside in the bitter cold because of its extreme warmth and its ability to wick away the perspiration moisture caused by their exertions.  This keeps them warm and dry, just as you will be when you put fleece bed sheets on your bed.  Cold winter nights demand the cozy feel of fleece or flannel to keep you warm and we have a variety of fleece blankets in many different styles and designs to fend off the winter chills.  Use layers of two or even three fleece blankets to provide the flexibility to reduce the insulating factor on warmer nights but easily add them back when the temperature plummets.

Wash And Wear

 Fleece is easily laundered and can be tumbled dry making it very easy care.  It is not a good idea to dry synthetic material on a very high heat, though, as the fibres could stiffen somewhat.  Fleece bed sheet sets are pill resistant and lightweight yet they offer warmth and make you feel cozy.  They require very little time in the dryer and go wrinkle-free right to the bed.  In fact, they don’t hold any wrinkles even after being folded in the linen closet.  The fleece material is thick enough to keep out the cold yet supple enough wrap you up beautifully on a cold night.  The easy care makes them the perfect option for kids and teens beds as well.  And don’t forget to get a set of fleece bed sheets to send off to college with your student.  The ardent sports fan will want National Football League, National Basketball Association, National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, NCAA and NASCAR driver team blankets and bedding.

Create A Cozy Haven

 Make your bedroom your own haven for warmth and comfort with cozy fleece bedding.  Made from high quality fleece, these fleece blankets will make you feel like you’ve just crawled into a cloud.  Soft and supple, they surround you with comfort. They keep you warm yet don’t cause you to overheat which can happen with other fabrics.  This makes fleece the perfect choice for those couples that can’t quite agree with their companion about bed covers.  You can even get rid of the electric blanket. There is no need for it with these blankets.  The fabric is also wonderfully soft.

Synthetic Fleece Bedding

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