Hand Woven Cosmetic Cases

One of my ideas behind my website KnotJustYarn.com is to find and introduce products that are made by hand, and with a great care. Among first products, there are Hand Woven Cosmetic Cases, and that is not just a coincidence. Made by indigenous people of Bolivia, you can feel the comfort that radiates from this product. It starts with hand-spun sheep’s wool that is dyed using natural dyes.

Cosmetic cases are woven on traditional looms. Each pattern is slightly different and color combinations always change. Each piece is true original.

Different Uses for Cosmetic Cases

These are called Cosmetic cases, but you can use them according to your needs and fantasy. I use mine as cover for my Kindle. I read every day. Just to touch and feel the fabric, and see this simple product, makes me feel better.

So, you can think about possibilities of enjoying this product. Perhaps you need to organize your purse. Your important items of everyday use will stay safe and organized inside of this Hand Woven Case. Your purse will always appear neat.

Do you think someone else in your life might enjoy it as well? Certainly, it will make great present for any down-to earth gal. Smaller version of Bolivian Hand Woven Cosmetic Cases will be added to this collection soon, as well as other Bolivian textile products.

Hand Woven Cosmetic Cases

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