Cots Mattress

Choosing a cot mattress is just as important as choosing a cot. A cot mattress is what your baby will sleep on for millions of hours! So, what sort of cot mattress, what size cot mattress, firm or soft cot mattress?

All these cot mattress questions are important and common when shopping for a cot mattress for your new baby.

A cot mattress should comply with Australian Safety Standards – this means the cot mattress of the recommended size for the cot, and must be no more than:

–       20 mm away from any cot side end when centred on the cot mattress base

–       40mm when the cot mattress is pushed to one side or end

For a safe cot mattress, sidskids recommend a cot mattress, which is the right size for the cot, and is firm and clean.

A safe cot mattress that is the right size for your cot will prevent a baby or toddler getting stuck in the gaps between the cot mattress and the cot sides. This is to prevent your baby or toddler’s face being trapped or covered or their neck being restricted in any way.

Choose your cot mattress when you are buying your cot, make sure it is the right size for the cot and both the cot mattress and cot comply with Australian Safety Standards. Ensure the cot mattress is firm and clean and you will have the safest cot mattress for your baby.

Nursery Chair

Do you have a nursery chair that you love?

I do, mine is a big white wicker rocking chair, that not only looks gorgeous in my nursery, but has been perfect for feeding, rocking my babies and children to sleep, rocking myself to sleep when they are sick, and lastly for placing special and beautiful toys that help make my nursery look beautiful.

My girlfriends love their nursery chairs too, and for all the same reasons, which is why I am writing about it – if you are designing your nursery or already have a nursery, but don’t have a chair, these are my top tips for finding the perfect nursery chair:

  • Must be super, lovely comfy for you!
  • Good support for your back (and head is a bonus!)
  • A chair that rocks (doesn’t have to be a rocking chair, it can have springs), is great for getting babies and children to sleep (not to mention you!)
  • Easy to clean – nursing babies and sick children = vomit and milk spills!
  • Has to look good in your nursery, try and theme it in with your cot and change table.

Have fun finding your nursery chair – if you start to nod off while your sitting in it, means it’s definitely the one!!

Do you have a nursery chair?

Cosy Cots

Winter is the season that sends us mums into a tailspin – keeping babies and toddlers warm in their cot at night, but not too hot and of course safe. I can’t tell you how many times I have woken in the night to worry is my baby too hot or too cold in their cot, have they kicked their blankets off?

I have made many a phone call to my girlfriends with same aged babies to ask them what they are dressing their babies in for the night, which cot blanket? – and then I discovered my all time favorite nursery product – the sleeping bag!!!

After I weaned myself from wrapping my babies (I adore wrapping them up like little snug dim sims!)

my mum bought me a sleeping bag, which meant I didn’t need to worry about my babies kicking off blankets and being cold in the night. Sleeping bags come in many different fabric weights and sizes for different seasons and climates.

I always choose sleeping bags (and pyjamas) that were 100% cotton, as it breathes and helps keep babies and children’s temperatures regulated. I can also recommend flannelette sheets for the cot to keep them cosy.

How do you keep your babies cosy in winter?

Sleeps Baby Sleep

I’m obsessed with my children sleeping – it started when my first baby was born, I thought nothing could be more shocking than childbirth until I discovered the world of sleep deprivation!!

I live by the motto ‘Sleep promotes sleep” – it has been very true for both my children. So needless to say my nursery, cot and bedrooms have been kitted out to promote as much sleep as possible! If you’re as sleep obsessed as I am, these are my top sleeping tips to consider when designing your nursery:

  • 100% Block Out blinds and curtains – the darker the better for day and night sleeping, keeping early risers at bay.
  • Quiet cot position – ensure the cot is not only in a safe place but a quiet one, away from walls that may have noisy pipes, and windows with loud street noises.
  • 100% Cotton bed linen – comfortable for baby, cotton breathes and is gentle on skin keeping baby at a regulated temperature.
  • Well ventilated, not too warm or too cool, I have a wall thermometer in each of my children’s rooms to try and keep it at a perfect temperature while they sleep.

Mmm feeling a little weary myself, may squeeze in a quick nanna nap before I pick the kids up – happy sleeping!

Cots Mattress

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