Changing Your Nursery Furniture And Design

I loved choosing nursery furniture when I was pregnant for the first time, beautiful cot bedding and gorgeous cot quilt, and once I found out I had a boy, I re designed my nursery with new navy striped cot bedding and a red star cot quilt divine!

So you can imagine how excited I was at finding out I was having a girl second time around, a fabulous excuse to redesign my nursery again! My little ‘princess to be’ nursery had to be to a strict budget, and it really was surprisingly easy.

All my nursery furniture was white, so it was simply down to choosing new girly cot bedding, and a few luscious pieces for the wall. White cot bedding with multi colored polka dots and a beautiful pink cot quilt with white spots and green and white striped trim were my key nursery pieces.

Next a couple of matching green and pink throw pillows for my feeding chair, 3 simple babushka doll pictures in white frames for the wall, and my beautiful nursery was ready for a girl!

Changing your nursery design for a girl or boy needn’t be expensive, it’s as simple as choosing new cot bedding or cot quilt and it’s so much fun! That’s why it is so important when purchasing your nursery furniture for the first time, you choose something classic that will suit a boy and a girl.

Travel Cot -Designed For Holiday Sleeping

A travel cot is a must have for holidays, and more importantly a travel cot your baby or toddler loves to sleep in! I discovered the best travel cot tip that had my babies sleeping day and night whilst on holidays (got to love that!) – buy a foam travel cot mattress that goes on top of the travel cot mattress.

As fabulous as travel cots are, the included mattresses aren’t exactly the comfy variety! The foam travel cot mattress is made to perfectly fit a travel cot safely, and will certainly make for happy sleeping and happy holidays.

If you are hiring a travel cot for your hotel or apartment, most travel cot hire companies also provide the foam cot mattress, if you request one. Mmmmmm sleep and holidays, two of my favorite things!!!

Drop Side Cots Versus Fixed Side Cots

Choosing the perfect cot isn’t an easy decision, color, style, price, and the newest hot debate – drop side or fixed sided cots?

Speaking from experience, the key cot areas you should look at are – safety, price and making life easy!

My husband and I chose a drop side cot after receiving great advise from parent friends, which served us well through 8 cot years!

Pros: Easy on your back (parents, grandparents, babysitters and nannies!) – being a new mother with weak stomach muscles (not to mention the pelvic floor), the less strain on your back the better – a drop side cot makes it easy to lift babies and heavy 3 year old in and out, especially if they are asleep!

Cons: I can’t think of any, even if you forget to put the side up (especially when sleep deprived), all Australian (AS/NZS2172:2003) cots only drop to a certain level keeping babies safe.

Australia is one of the world leaders in Cot Safety Standards, and even though the US have introduced a ban on drop sided cots, you should be aware this is due to poor manufacturing standards, (cots that never would of been allowed on the market in Australia).

Nursery Furniture

Shopping for nursery furniture is so much fun. I loved choosing my nursery furniture, even though deciding on the perfect nursery furniture was a total nightmare for me, as I’m a mad Libran and decisions don’t come easily!

So much beautiful nursery furniture to choose from, different styles of nursery furniture, different colors of nursery furniture, so many important decisions on picking the perfect nursery furniture for your baby, you and the family, and more importantly, the perfect nursery furniture for your nursery!

To make choosing your nursery furniture a little easier, I have designed a plan to make deciding on the perfect nursery furniture a breeze!

  1. Measure up your nursery/space, and once you have mapped out an area for the cot, you will be able to see how many pieces of nursery furniture you will be able to fit. It is important your nursery isn’t crowded, so make sure you don’t try to fit too many pieces of nursery furniture into a small space.
  2. Nursery furniture consists of a cot, change table, tall boy/chest of draws, nursery/feeding chair, shelves/storage. Not all nursery furniture is essential, other than a cot, decide on what pieces of nursery furniture are important to you, with the amount of space you have.
  3. Design the look of your nursery, this will make choosing your nursery furniture a little easier. Choose what color scheme you would like your nursery to be, and decide on the style, whether you would like your nursery to be modern, classic, retro or contemporary. This will then define what style and color your nursery furniture should be, helping you eliminate a large portion of nursery furniture off your list to choose from.
  4. Nursery furniture comes in many fabulous designs, and some pieces of nursery furniture have been designed to do multiple things, saving you space and money. For instance, some nursery furniture draws come with a change unit on top, combining a change table with draws and storage. If you are limited for space in your nursery, these kinds of nursery furniture are well worth considering.
Changing Your Nursery Furniture And Design
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