Egyptian Cotton Fabrics and Bedding

Indulge yourself with Egyptian cotton bed sheets, the best cotton sheets on the market! Marked by extreme luxury, these sheets are sure to become your new favorites. They make a perfect gift for the bride and groom or a special treat for you and your family.

Each category of sheets and sheet sets below has some Egyptian cotton selections and most come in a full range of sizes, twin size, extra long (XL) twin size, full size, standard size, queen size, king size, California queen size and California king size.

Feel the Luxury Against Your Skin

Egyptian cotton is a luxurious 100% natural fiber material that provides a very comfortable feel. It has become synonymous with luxury, known throughout the world as the best cotton you can buy.

Used for centuries by royalty, the best Egyptian cotton sheets are soft and natural. They retain their softness throughout numerous washings; in fact, they become even softer with wear. They will soon become your favorites.

Most of the sheets come in all bed sizes: twin size, extra long twin size, full size, standard size, queen size, king size, California queen size and California king size.

Buttery Soft Egyptian Cotton

The fibers of Egyptian cotton are longer than most other types allowing for production of the softest possible fabric. These long fibers make the strongest cotton fabrics, making Egyptian cotton bed sheets a superior product, able to withstand years of wear.

Egyptian cotton linen is naturally organic, making it the perfect choice for those who love earth friendly products as well as those with sensitive skin or allergies. But don’t let their strength fool you, these bed sheet sets feel soft and cozy too.

They will envelope you in their deep, soft embrace. As soon as you feel the fabric you’ll notice just how luxurious it is.

Beautiful Array Of Color And Fashion Pattern Choices

Egyptian cotton absorbs colors more readily than other types of cotton so you will find beautiful bright colors and patterns that will retain their richness through years of washes.

You’ll find the best Egyptian cotton sheets in a wide array of colors and patterns and are available in all sizes. You’re sure to find the perfect color to match your decor and be confident that the color will stay strong through repeated washings. Percale cotton bedding is an attractive bedding option when choosing bed linens.

Other Egyptian Cotton Fabrics to Consider

Hand-Woven Egyptian Cotton
This lustrous fabric is woven on the same looms as the story telling goes.
Using two colors on the loom to create a “shot” look, and a rich depth of color.

Being hand-woven the fabric moves when worn, molding into your body’s shape.
Naturally it breathes, being a comfortable colorful alive fabric to wear.

Antique Egyptian Cotton
Antique Egyptian cotton is old traditional fabric. My Mother in-law sources the fabric in Eastern Giza, collecting from many villages.

Each piece telling its own unique story, following traditional methods, some of these pieces are hand painted taking weeks even months to create. They all vary in age, and the older they get the more amazingly soft they become.

Egyptian Cotton Bamboo Blend
The realization of a “dream come true” designing and creating our own fabric.
Following the Ancient Art of Egyptian Cotton making has created their own Bamboo blend.

Creating on two different fabrics, the first being 100% cotton which enhances the colors
of the dyes brilliantly. The second being a first-grade rayon made from tree bark, which is
ultra soft and falls perfectly into place!, wearing extremely well.

Egyptian Cotton Fabrics and Bedding
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